Today I spent the morning at one of my favorite places, Union Station in Utica. I was there to take senior portraits for a friend of mine, Morgan. Morgan is going to be a senior this year, and wanted something a little different than what most of the other kids do.

So I suggested the train station, for some urban-styled senior portraits. We met up in the morning, hoping to avoid the rain. We got about 2 hours to shoot before it began to drizzle, ending our session. But in the meantime we got a bunch of great shots. I tried to create a bit of a gritty feeling in some of the finals. Keep in mind, these images here are still works in progress, but I wanted to post them to get some feedback from Morgan.

You’ll notice that I also started to fool around with some after market borders here. Right now I’m just using the free trial of PhotoFrame Professional. So far, I really like it. I may consider purchasing it once school begins again and I start to get paid.


One thought on “Senior Portraits – Morgan

  1. Nice photos, but PLEASE stay off the CSX main tracks. It’s dangerous – freights go through at up to 60 MPH and you’ll be amazed how they can sneak up on you – and it’s illegal – trespassing, plain and simple – to be on the tracks.

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