Two weeks ago Khristina & I were lucky enough to be asked to photograph a wedding for a couple of her good friends from home (Madison, NY). Damon Jacobs and Melissa Bracco were married on October 8th in Syracuse, NY.

The ceremony took place at the DeWitt Community Church. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and it was nice and warm. I had never been to this church before, but it was very nice. I would classify the style as modern. It was clean and neat, full of lines, but also a bit elegant.

The reception followed at the Double Tree Hotel at Carrier Circle. This was really convenient because it was also where Khristina & I and the wedding party were staying. The reception was a great party! Everyone had a great time! As a matter of fact, i heard the party was so good there were even wedding crashers there dancing with us!

Check out this link below to more of the images from the wedding & reception. Bracco/Jacobs Wedding Photos.

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7 thoughts on “Jacobs/Bracco Wedding

    1. Beautiful photos Ryan!! As soon as Derrick and Leigh Anne decide to get married, I’ll be requiring your services!!!

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