Bokeh refers to the way that a camera lens renders out of focus light. The effect is most visible around small, background, highlights, but actually effects everything that falls outside of the len’s depth of focus.

During the holiday season I was looking for something to kill a bit of time, and picked up my camera to make a few shots. I only had 10 minutes to shoot, and I ended up with this series of shots. They were all taken with my Christmas tree in the background, that’s where the lights are coming from. As you’ll see, the shots with something in the foreground are much more interesting, unless you are looking to create something for an iPhone or desktop background.

How to do this yourself:
1-Place a small object in front of a set of lights, this could be a christmas tree, or even just get out a set of lights and put them on the ground 5-ish feet behind the subject.
2-You want your camera to be as close to the subject as possible, while of course still keeping it in focus.
3-Make sure that your aperture (f-stop) is set to the lowest possible setting. I used a 1.8 for these shots. But you’ll have to be sure that your lens will get to a 2 or below for the best results.
3-Place the subject on one of the rule of third axes.
4-Shoot, review, repeat

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