I stumbled across Re.vu last year. It was actually something an esteemed colleague sent me thinking I would like it because I’m interested in good, simple, eye catching design. Also, its something new. Re.vu is a online service that allows the user to “design an interactive, dynamic, visual resume”. It’s not an online resume, its a whole lot more.

The way that re.vu works is through templates. There are a bunch of good, free templates which you can choose from. Many allow you to put an image in the background, and are highly customizable in terms of what type of information you want to include. If you don’t want to include a timeline, you simply uncheck for box for it. The online system is very easy to use, and took virtually no time for me to start setting up my first re.vu resume.

So I set up a simple resume on Re.vu. It looks pretty good, and as you can see, everything is styled kind of like an infographic. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, and infographic is a data-rich visualization about a topic or concern. Click here to see some sample infographics. Sometimes it’s easier to see as opposed to reading about what something is.

Anyway, after setting up my resume on re.vu (which I thought came out pretty well) i got to thinking about how this tool could be used in schools. I got pretty excited about it after realizing that there was a lot that could be done with the tool.

ELA (English & Language Arts)
How about creating a book review on re.vu. Or even better, a character analysis. Students would have to back to their text and pull out the relevant pieces of information to create a re.vu resume for a specific character. Take Romeo, from Romeo & Juliet. On his re.vu students could include family members, quotes about Romeo by other characters, events that Romeo participated in or a timeline of his activities throughout the story, and more.

Social Studies
Create a re.vu resume for major events throughout history. On the World War II resume students, working by themselves or individually, could include quotes by famous generals and presidents, stats about the bloodiest battles, a timeline of major events, and images in the background. This could also be done for famous historical figures, and even used to compare/contrast social issues. How about a re.vu resume about what GDP is? It would include a definition, a chart of US GDP over time, stats about what is included and not in GDP, etc…

Create a re.vu resume for specific scientific areas. One each for Zoology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and then link to them on your school website. Now students have a visual tool to help them decide which science class is right for them and their career path. Students in class could create re.vu resumes for individual experiments that they conduct in class and then present them to everyone.

The Arts
Create a re.vu resume with your class about the principles and elements of design. Everyone in the class finds one principal or elements and researches it. They compile everything together with the class, and post in on your site as a review tool. You could do the same for photograph composition, or even the black & white film development process.

I know that this is not everything. If you have an idea about how this tool could be used in a classroom, post it here! I’d love to hear it.

All in all, I think that Re.vu is a great, free tool that could be used in classrooms all over the world to create infographic-styled resumes for a huge variety of topics.


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