I was recently luck enough to be able to spend a week at the Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute in La Jolla, CA. Each year I leave this conference energized, enthusiastic, and ready to try new things, and change lives! The caliber of educators who are at this conference blows me away every year. This year was no expedition.

One of my favorite takeaways this year was the power of sketchnotes. I was introduced to sketchnotes during the first day of the conference, and challenged to create them throughout the week. A huge shout out to Brad Ovenell-Carter! His presentation and obvious passion got me excited about creating my own sketchnotes.

20140722-194939.jpgBut first, what is a sketchnote? Well it might be easier to see than explain, but I’ll try anyway. Sketchnotes are visual notes. Instead of simply taking textual notes during a presentation or session, you sketch your notes. This would include arrows, little pictures, the presenter, and anything else that would help explain or make sense of the topic.

I started creating sketchnotes on the first day of the conference, and I just fell in love! It was so much fun, so engaging, and so rewarding to sketch my notes. I am already much more likely to share my notes, and I’m much more likely to review my notes.

I created all of these examples in the Paper app on my iPad. It is a fantastic sketching app, and has a free version to get used to before deciding if you want to pay a couple of dollars for more brushes. It is elegant, and easy to use. I highly recommend it! I also used a stylus when I was creating. It gives me a little more control than sketching with my finger, and a slightly better outcome I think.

So check these out, let me know what you think, and give sketchnotes a try at your next conference or session!







2 thoughts on “The Power of SketchNotes

  1. These are great! Who knew you could sketch like that. This reminds me of pretty much the entirety of me taking notes in high school. Paper is amazing. Do you have the paper pen? I have been thinking about picking one up. Thanks for sharing!

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