I was asked to put together a brief set of tips for 4th grade students who are embarking on a field trip. I wanted to keep them simple and basic, but also a serious tip for making better images. So I put these on 5×7 cards for the students also. You can download the card PDF here. Use these tips to get the most out of making images and videos with an iPad. Remember that you can’t always use every tip for every photograph.

1-Hold Steady
Make sure that you are always holding the iPad with two hands OR supporting it on something else.


2-Tap to Focus
Tap on the screen on where you want your photograph to be focused, usually the subject.


3-Use the Grid
When you are making an image, make sure that the subject is on one of the grid lines.


4-Get to Another Level
Hold the iPad either lower or higher so that you are looking horizontally at your subject, not up or down.


5-Sun Behind You
When you take a photograph, you want the sun to light up your subject, so make sure the sun is behind you when you are shooting.



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