imgresThis will be a brief post. I tried something new today. I spoke with a teacher who was looking collect data from her students to quickly assess their level of understanding during the middle or at the conclusion of a lesson. Now, I don’t know about you, but DDI is all the rage in my park of the country. So this is a particularly useful tool.

I remembered seeing a neat little demo on someone’s twitter feed about an app for collecting student answers with only one device in the classroom. So I searched for a little bit and then found it! Plickers was the app. It’s neat, easy, and fantastic!

Here’s the original video that I saw:

It works just like it says. I was able to set up a class for a third grade teacher, assign the cards, and create a series of questions all in about 45 minutes. The students picked it up very quickly and had no problems using the cards or answering correctly.

How do I see this being used? Students have their own card, either in their desk or in their notebook. At the conclusion of each lesson, I poll students on their grasp of today’s content. You know what would be really neat? Taking these “clickers” outside during a nature walk or on a field trip!

Now you have an interactive student response system that is inexpensive, portable, and only relies on one device. Fantastic!

PS- more about this app to follow, but I want to use it for a few days before I talk about it any more.


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