PhotoCardForHomepagePhotoCard is a simple iOS app. You can use it to make postcards and then send to your friends and family. Useful enough right? It seems like an everyday app, and it is.. but how can you get more out of it and use it with your students in the classroom?

PhotoCard_2015-06-02_18-37-00_520753Use postcards to explore history. 

Instead of just looking at and reading old postcards, create your own. Try this project with your students.

Have each student select and research a historical figure of their choosing. Then, direct the students to write a postcard from that person’s point of view. It should be addressed to someone else in that person’s life who played a pivotal role. Students have to imagine what their historical figure would have said. Can you imagine what Babe Ruth would have said to his wife after his last baseball game? I bet your students can!

By exploring history this way, you are putting your students in the driver’s seat. They select someone who interests them, and immediately engagement skyrockets! This project attempts to facilitate a bit of higher-level thinking too. You are asking students to imagine what WOULD have happened, or sympathize with someone they have never met. It puts them on a whole new level with their figure and helps them get deep into that person’s life.

Download PhotoCard for free from the iTunes App Store. Created by Bill Atkinson Photography




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