I just learned that I could do this. I know, I feel a little silly for just figuring it out, but I wanted to share. You can use emoticons in your iOS folder names. This is a neat and fun thing to do, but also has some purpose-driven value. 

Young students who have a tough time reading, can benefit from quick identification of images as opposed to text. Imaging taking your folder of apps for writing, and instead of labeling it “Writing” titling it with 📝✏️. Name your folder of news with 📰📰📰. Label your folder of music-making apps with🎵🎶🎹. 

    It works on a personal level too. I put my food apps together, and my financial apps together. See? Try this out on your own, then take a screenshot and share it back here. I’d love to see what emoticons you use and for what! 


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