As the Technology Coordinator for more than one school, one of the things that I’ve found is a struggle is dealing with shared technology. I’m talking about shared carts of iPads, laptops, and anything that is rolled into or out of classrooms for multiple classes to borrow.

Now, there are lots of problems with this method of technology integration. First of all, technology is not really being integrated into the classroom if it’s not always there as a tool for students to reach to. Secondly, with a method like this, what usually ends up happening is one teacher borrows the cart of devices and never returns it.

Calendly is an online scheduling tool that integrates with Google Calendar. And while it doesn’t solve all of the problems with this method of technology integration, it does make certain things much easier.

  • It’s very easy for users to reserve something.
  • Users receive email confirmation after reserving.
  • Reservations are automatically added to Google calendar
  • Email reminder comes to user before their reservation time

CalendlyCalendly was originally created as a tool for scheduling meeting times. But it works great as a tool for technology reservations. It would also work as a tool for scheduling conference rooms, and other shared resources like cafeterias and science kits.

Calendly is free for one account (resource), but if you want to use it for a number of resources it will cost $60 year per resource.

Check out this brief video that I created for my teachers at school. You’ll get an idea of how easy Calendly is to use.


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