I’m a big fan of giving students choice and options whenever they are doing anything. It’s all about personalizing the learning experience for each student. However, there are still some instances where it may be important to restrict the choice.

This is a question that I get a few times each year. Usually during mandated student testing.

“How can I keep my kids from hitting the home button and going into another app while they are supposed to be testing?”

This is actually a pretty easy thing to do, and even more importantly, you can easily activate/deactivate it. Its a feature built into iOS called “Guided Access.”

How to Turn on Guided Access

  1. Go into Settings>General>Accessibility
  2. Tap on Guided Access
  3. Tap the button to turn it on
  4. Set a Passcode
  5. Turn on the Accessibility shortcut

Now, to lock an iOS device in one specific app, just triple-tap the home button while in the app. Tap start. Now tapping the home button doesn’t close the app.

To turn off Guided Access, triple-tap the home button again, put in your passcode, and tap end.

Check out this video below to see Guided Access work.


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