I’ve written about Google Keep before. It’s one of my go-to tools and I use it everyday on my computer, phone and iPad. I could not get through a day without it.

If you’re not familiar with Google Keep, it’s basically a Google Docs version of “Stickies” for your computer. You can use them for notes or checklists. You can add links, documents, and images to the notes. You can even share them with others just like a Google Doc!

This is a feature that I requested from Google a number of times. Just the other day I saw that it has finally been implemented and I was ecstatic! You can now pin a note to the top. This way it will always be one of the first notes that you see when you log in to Google Keep.

Simply click on the little grey icon in the top right of the note that appears. It will move to the top of your Google Keep and create it’s own “Pinned” section. Easy!

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 7.46.54 AM.png


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