This summer, Apple released their Apple Teacher program. It’s a great little program that exists to provide Apple Resources to teachers, help them discover new things they can do with Apple Tools, and provided Recognition to those who complete the program.

Teachers can complete a series of 5 question quizzes on a variety of topics (Mac and iOS). After successfully completing the quizzes you earn a badge. Earn all of the Badges for iPad or Mac and you can become an Apple Teacher. It’s a great program and here’s why I think you should do it.

  1. The program is constantly evolving. Since the launch this summer, Apple has already added badges for teaching coding with Swift Playgrounds. I expect more will follow.
  2. Join a growing community of Apple Teachers. Follow #appleteacher on Twitter to connect with other like-minded educators.
  3. The resources are fantastic. It’s not just about the badges. There are some fantastic resources here. Stories of technology being used in the classroom, starter guides for the most often used apps, teacher-created iBooks and much, much more.
  4. Model for your students. We strive to teach out students to become life-long-learners. Be proud of the fact that you are constantly learning to become a better educator.
  5. Use the badge! After becoming an Apple Teacher you get a great little badge/graphic that you can plaster on your classroom door, blog, or website. (Disclaimer: be sure to check the appropriate use guidelines that Apple provides for the use of the badge)


So what are you waiting for? Check it out today at


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