If your job is like mine at all, you spend some of your time creating graphics for social media, sample lesson plans to share with teachers, and loads more things. Because there are many facets to what I do, I try to keep a consistent theme across all of the media that I create (also, because I’m a bit nutty about good design).

However, this isn’t always easy. A number of the tools that I rely on only have vague color selection tools, and I like to have exact color matches in my documents. It doesn’t help to use 15 different shared of green on documents, when your school color is actually Kelly Green (Hex code #4CBB17). As you can image (I hope) this can get frustrating.

I recently installed an extension that makes this a bit easier for me. The Eye Dropper extension for Chrome allows me to capture the exact color code of a color from the web. This makes it terribly easy to match colors to something that’s on a website and I’m not sure what the color code actually is.

This extension will allow you to select colors from any webpage. It also provided you with a color picker built directly into the extension. Finally, it saves your recent history so that you can reuse your most recent colors.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 5.39.33 PM.png



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