Adobe Spark is a fantastic tool that I use on a regular basis both personally and professionally. This quick list is going to focus just on reasons for using Adobe Spark Post, but in the future I will expand on the other Adobe Spark tools.

1-The design is already done. And the designs are fantastic! This allows you as teachers or students to really focus on the content of the graphic. What is the message? What do you want to get across?

2-The size of the graphic isn’t a concern. You don’t have to worry about what the pixel resolution is of a graphic for your Facebook banner. The sizes are already created and you simply have to select where you want to use your graphic and Adobe Spark already has the size created for you.

3-Publishing is built in. When you are done with a design and you click the share button you have two options for sharing. One being you can download the image, the second is that you can publish directly to Adobe Spark’s own site. We always talk about publishing with students. Now it simply is part of the process.

4-There is a tremendous gallery of already completed Adobe Spark graphics that you and your students can use for inspiration. The projects that are showcased in this gallery are exemplary and a perfect tool for getting your creative juices flowing.

5-The search tool for finding images to use in your graphic searches for images that are already creative–commons licensed. We are constantly stressing copyright and ownership to our students. This is an easy way to kick-start that discussion with your kids, but still as find good images to use in your designs.

There are obviously a lot more reasons to use Adobe spark post in your classroom. I absolutely love and rely on this tool on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I encourage you to explore Adobe Spark Post as well as the other tools in the Adobe Spark suite. They’re gamechangers!

Learn more about Adobe Spark here.


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