Its easy to admire the folks who are able to take what they are doing in the classroom and share it with others. Its not easy, and can be very frightening. But once you embrace the process, the mindset that it’s all about growing as an educator and a person, and that sharing becomes very powerful.

I hesitate to say that sharing your work is a responsibility or expectation of a good educator. But that’s really because I don’t want to pile more things on teachers right now. There’s already so much that we are responsible for. But let’s be real, it is your responsibility. It’s your responsibility to do what you can to empower others. That’s what education is about. It’s not about teaching facts or times tables (don’t get me wrong, that stuff is extremely important, but it’s not the mean and potatoes of education).

Every day, I strive to be a better educator. I do not succeed every day. I fail all the time, but I continue to try to share my work because I think that others can benefit from it. I blog, use social media, and present at conferences. Again, I feel like its part of my responsibility as an educator to share the things I’m doing.

As educators we’re not working against each other. We’re not on competing teams and can only have 1 winner. One person’s success does not undermine another’s work. It’s actually the complete opposite. We are all on the SAME team. We’re out for success for each of us and all of our students. And the success of one teacher, only encourages the successes of others.

I’d love to know others’ feelings on this topic. Do you share your work? Why or why not? What do you share? How do you share it? What tools or platforms do you use? What do you get from sharing your work? Comment below and lets start a conversation.




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