Collage apps are a great tool for student creation on iPad. They’re quick, easy, and very intuitive because the features are usually fairly limited. I like to use collage apps for a variety of purposes with students and teachers. This post isn’t in relation to a specific app, because there are MANY great collage apps, but instead how you can use with your students.

Within any unit of learning, students are often asked to demonstrate their understanding of a topic or concept. The process of evaluating and selecting images, combining them to create something unique, and annotating the images provides a quick activity that can be used to assess student understanding, while at the same time being engaging, differentiated, and personalized for each learner.

Here are a few of my favorite uses for collage apps on iPad. Comment below with your favorite or best uses of collage apps in the classroom.

Illustrate a Cycle


Introduce YourselfIMG_513526240AEE-1.jpeg


My Favorite Season


Illustrate Math Concepts



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