cannot-take-photo-not-enough-available-storage.jpgWe’ve all been there. You go to take a photo or video with your iPhone but you can’t. You’re out of space. It happens all the time, especially to those of us who purchased a 16GB phone. What do you do?

iOS 11 is here to the rescue. In this version of iOS Apple has introduced a feature aptly named “Offload Unused Apps.” This is another great feature that is in Apple’s recently released developer beta of iOS 11. It wasn’t mentioned at the WWDC keynote, but while playing around I came across this in the Settings app.

img_24102.pngHere’s how it works

When you’re starting to run out of space on your phone, you this feature will automatically (or manually if you wish) delete apps that are not used often. It doesn’t however delete the data or documents associated with the app. This way, when I need the app again, I can quickly download it and get right back to my data from before.

This feature can be found under Settings/General/iPhone Storage. Here you can enable automatic Offloading of Apps just by tapping on the word enable. When you enable the setting, your device will automatically begin to offload apps that you’re not using when you get close to running out of storage.

img_24112.pngManually Offload Apps

You also have the option to manually offload apps of your choosing if or when you need space on your device. In the same Settings menu (Settings/General/iPhone Storage) you can scroll down and select individual apps to offload.



Either way, it’s great to see that Apple is taking to heart how quickly our device storage fills up and providing users with a couple of tools for avoiding the dreaded “Your storage is almost full” notification message.


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